Robert, coach and owner, Karate Club Nippon, Vienna

“We have more membership requests than last year!”

I`d like to point out that in the last couple of months we’ve had more applications than in similar periods last year, and the sole reason is our new website. That has been confirmed by our newest club members that applied a couple of weeks ago. They say that the website`s appearance is professional and genuine, and very different from other karate websites. In a city like Vienna, where competition is big, it is very important to distinguish yourself from others and transmit your message to your clients in an effective way. Thanks to WebConstructors, we managed to do just that. This is why we recommend them to everyone that want to make an impression onto their target audience. Not only are WebConstructors great experts, they are also very accesible, understand individual needs, and are always there to help and give a good advice when one is needed.

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