Renata Filipčić Fio and Mate Fio, owners of the limacshop.hr web store

“We especially need to highlight the price as a great value for money.”

After an intensive search for web developers, they attracted us with their simplicity, high degree of professionalism and the amount of knowledge with which they presented the possibilities and goals that our project will provide us and thus facilitate our final decision. We must especially emphasize the price as an excellent ratio of invested and gained.
I liked their simplicity, accessibility and expertise the most. We can especially highlight their willingness to help and advise at any time. Every problem we encountered was solved quickly and efficiently.

Our experiences with the CodeART team are only positive. All deadlines were met, and they met all of our expectations. We would definitely recommend them to anyone who opts for a web store, and for any segment of their business. This project enabled us to make our products available outside our county, and to promote our store.

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