Marin Sišul, online sales manager at Mirna Sišul Store

“Recommendations for people who understand the web as a basic tool for any form of work today!”

We started cooperating with CodeART more than a year ago on the project of creating a website www.sentencia.com.hr conceived as a portal for permanent removal of limescale from water. We have recently started redesigning, i.e creating our basic page www.aquapur.hr, since the old page did not meet the requirements provided by the new web technologies. In the meantime, we hired CodeART to create an online store for academic painter Mirna Sišul located at www.mirnasisul.com. In addition to creating and designing an online project, CodeART configured, developed, implemented and completed all additional modules we wanted and suggested… Facebook integrations , Twitter, marketing campaigns, writing a sales letter, provided answers to the specifics that exist on all three projects. CodeART perfectly respects deadlines and set goals. They are easy and simple to agree with, they are easy to understand. Before starting a business, the offers they make and the accompanying text in the e-mail communication before the project start explain almost everything. Working on the project is the same way. The exchange of information and ideas is excellent. Not to mention the instructions they provide at the end of the job for easy updating of the website. And when the project is online they are available for all questions and possible help. I take this opportunity to recommend CodeART and Mr. Želimir Graf with his team to all serious people who want to move forward, and understand the web as a basic tool for any form of work .

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