Arian Disković, HUHIV Association, project leader Volim Zdravlje

We plan to continuously maintain and develop, upgrade and further promote e-learning to all target groups in the future.”
Based on past collaborations in the implementation of the HUHIV portal www.huhiv.hr, a website that has been growing exponentially in terms of function and content for years, we have selected the same contractor for the implementation of the educational platform www.volimzdravlje.hr – codeart.studio (read about the success of previous collaboration in the recommendation Association HUHIV).

After conducting professional trainings in secondary medical schools, in addition to improving the knowledge of young people, the main goal was to collect their feedback, interests, misconceptions and topics in which they need additional support in knowledge. In this way, we involved young people in shaping educational content and topics with the task of creating a sustainable educational platform in cooperation with numerous medical and health professionals.

In cooperation with the contractors of the implementation of the e-learning platform company codeart.studio, numerous functionalities and adaptations and in cooperation with the agencies BBDO and Dialog komunikacije who helped us create a visual identity and all the necessary elements, as well as cooperation with HZJZ as a project partner, the website www.volimzdravlje.hr was implemented by numerous health experts who worked with us on e-leraning courses, professional and educational content. A unique, sustainable and focused e-learning system has been created, which includes specific health topics intended for existing and future health professionals.

The promotion of the Volim Zdravlje educational platform in cooperation with the project partner is planned for September 2020 as part of a targeted campaign that includes medical high schools throughout Croatia and future health professionals.

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