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Custom Developed Theme for WooCommerce If you have been following our work, you have probably read multiple times that when developing websites and e-commerce stores we don’t use commercial WordPress … More

We started together on the project We Love cheese club by Paška sirana. Working together was great. We were given very specific and usable suggestions about our presence on the internet. We were offered a very unique identity for our store – a cartoon styled e-commerce website that can attractively convey our idea and spirit to our target market. The whole team was very professional and we recommend them to anyone who wants a professionally done website or online shop.

Martina Pernar, Head of Marketing, Paška sirana d.d., welovecheese.club

We developed the concept
Oriented the design towards client needs
Programmed the specifics
Took into account the responsiveness
Case study – welovecheese.club - logotip

When we started developing the Paška Sirana d.d. web store six years ago, our goal was to create an interesting web that would bring together those who love good cheese – the idea was to make it a kind of cheese lovers club.

The web store itself was in the background. The homepage was characterized by an animated story, which is now in the background (you can see it here), and which was supposed to tell the story of Paška Sirana in an interesting way – from the Pasian pastures to the store shelves.

You can also see this story in the video below this text.

And so the cheese lovers club existed through the years as a kind of showcase, without any sales strategy. But the time of the corona, as with many other retailers, brought the opportunity to improve online sales, for which the client engaged us for a kind of redesign and integration of additional webshop tools.

The custom WooCommerce theme we developed got a new look, i.e. a new homepage, and, as with all our web stores, each homepage element can be managed independently without programming knowledge.

Custom Developed Theme for WooCommerce

If you have been following our work, you have probably read multiple times that when developing websites and e-commerce stores we don’t use commercial WordPress templates, but instead develop our own themes. This allows us to have better predictability of website behaviour, increased stability and faster loading times. We dedicate our time to each project individually and the development of each project takes a few months, ensuring a quality result.

The homepage of the e-commerce store welovecheese.club is dynamic, and we provided the client with the ability to change content on all segments of the homepage. In the following we demonstrate both the frontend and backend segments, and how they can be edited.

Homepage of the webshop welovecheese.club, with all the segments we have predicted
Ability to manage the home page slider (upload images, enter text, and links)
Possibility to upload partner logo in homepage interface
Insert icons and text into a segment highlighting the benefits
On the recipe segment, the latest added recipes are automatically displayed. This way we save the customer time, as they are not obligated to manually add pictures and texts for recipes. We have enabled them to customize the background photo and introductory text.
Ability to change text for newsletter segment
Footer element management
Managing footer elements and the ability to upload a background image
Possibility to upload cardholder logo

On the subpages of Our story we have placed modal windows with additional content. These textual contents, in combination with pictures, the client can also edit independently:

The modal window “Where does the milk for the cheese come from?” on the frontend
The modal window “Where does the milk for the cheese come from?” on the backend
The “History of Paška Sirana” modal window on the frontend
The “History of Paška Sirana” modal window on the backend
Modal window to locations on the frontend
Modal window to locations on the backend

What technologies have we used for animations?

Green sock – is the best JavaScript platform for web animations in the world. Green sock platform enables the creating and running of fast and smooth animations without “jerking” and overloading the processor, resulting in the best possible user experience. It is compatible with all web browsers, thoroughly documented and provides great possibilities for increasing the interactivity of web pages.

You can see an animated story about Paška Sirana at the link Our story.

In the following, we describe several features that we have incorporated into welovecheese.club:

 Integration with Sendinblue email marketing service.

We have integrated to maximize the effectiveness of web shop advertising, so that the return on investment is as high as possible. Whether it be a newsletter, loyalty, or other newsletter subscriber tracking tools, integration with the SendinBlue API enables consistent communication with existing website visitors, increasing the value of each customer.

Through the loyalty functionality we have enabled tracking of each customer’s spending, and rewarding customers according to predefined rules, depending on the amount each customer spends in the webshop. This system is fully automated and works without any need for management or maintenance.

1. Classic newsletter form – which we have integrated into the website and connected to the Sendinblue service. Every newsletter subscription is automatically recorded within the program, and users subscribed to the newsletter have the ability to manage their data. All newsletter users receive automated thank you emails, which may contain various incentives (coupon codes, catalogs, etc.).

Newsletter form
Example of an automated email with coupon code

2. Integrating the Sendinblue service with the cash register – the web form on the cash register is also integrated with the Sendinblue service. Every customer when making a purchase can decide whether they want to automatically sign up for the newsletter and receive notifications about discounted products.

Signup for newsletter box during checkout process

3. The loyalty program within the Sendinblue service – integration with this service enabled tracking of those orders from users who accept the GDPR terms, and such users are automatically sent emails with coupons, whose amount depends on the size of the purchase (discount tiers have been set).

Example of an automated loyalty email

A custom-made popup that displays discounted products

If there are discounted products on the web store, a pop-up is activated for each visitor upon their first arrival, displaying the discounted products. The pop-up is implemented with JavaScript cookies to ensure compatibility with caching applications. If there are no discounted products on the shop, the pop-up will not be displayed automatically. When the visitor closes the window for the first time by clicking X, the window will not appear again until the end of the browsing session and the browser is closed (so-called session cookie).

A popup showing the current promotional offer.

Interconnection between products and articles with recipes

One way to create content dynamics is through (blog) articles. Among the interesting content on this website are Recipes, which include recommendations for different types of cheese.

Article with recipe + recommendation for buying the cheese from the recipe
WordPress Dashboard – editing recipes articles and associating relevant products

We have extended WordPress’ native capabilities with a field where the editor can select a product to be displayed on the frontend alongside the recipe.

What else are we doing for the client Paška Sirana d.d.?

We regularly create and monitor newsletter campaigns with seasonal themes, recipe recommendations, and information about special offers and discounts.

Example of a Newsletter campaign

Planning of Facebook and Instagram advertising is one of the activities we do for our client Paška Sirana d.d.. Below is an example of such a campaign, i.e. concrete ads that were active during Valentine’s Day.

Graphic design of a banner for Valentine’s Day
Valentine’s Day Instagram ad
Valentine’s Day Facebook ad

In addition to the aforementioned, we intend to work on content development, search engine optimization, YouTube marketing, and new social media marketing strategies in the future.

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