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Limač shop is a perfectly cute store from Zabok, which has been operating successfully for 30 years. Their range is mostly dedicated to the youngest audience, but they also have a wide range of adult clothing.

“We especially need to highlight the price as a great value for money.”


After an intensive search for web developers, they attracted us with their simplicity, high degree of professionalism and the amount of knowledge with which they presented the possibilities and goals that our project will provide us and thus facilitate our final decision. We must especially emphasize the price as an excellent ratio of invested and gained.
I liked their simplicity, accessibility and expertise the most. We can especially highlight their willingness to help and advise at any time. Every problem we encountered was solved quickly and efficiently.

Our experiences with the CodeART team are only positive. All deadlines were met, and they met all of our expectations. We would definitely recommend them to anyone who opts for a web store, and for any segment of their business. This project enabled us to make our products available outside our county, and to promote our store.

Renata Filipčić Fio and Mate Fio, owners of the limacshop.hr web store

Limač shop is a perfectly cute store from Zabok, which has been operating successfully for 30 years. Their range is mostly dedicated to the youngest audience, but they also have a wide range of adult clothing. In mid-2020, the owners of this company felt that it was finally time to complete their physical location with a online store, and they agreed with us to create a custom web shop – a web shop made to measure, according to their needs and desires, with a number of built-in tools that successfully raise the dynamics of their sales.

It is very important to emphasize that limachop.hr had several orders immediately after opening to the public. This can be considered a great success because this is a local brand that was unknown in most parts of Croatia, and which until October this year had absolutely no website. And the reasons for that initial success are described below.


In our case study articles, we don’t make a habit of thematizing design too much, because design very much a question of taste. The results of each of our projects are undoubtedly attractive websites, which some will like more and some less. It is important for us that the client for whom we are developing the project for is satisfied with the visual appearance of their website, that it is comfortable for customers to use and in the end that we ourselves, as a contractor, are satisfied with the overall result.

The upper part of the homepage of the web store limacshop.hr

And the limacshop.hr web store is such a project – designed individually, aligned with the latest standards and trends of web design and development, easy to use on all devices and Internet browsers, and extremely functional. More about the functionalities below.

Functionalities of the web store limacshop.hr

Limač shop from Zabok recognized the right moment to open its own web store, and decided to turn the negative circumstances related to the Covid 19 epidemic in its favor and operate successfully regardless of the “new normal”, physical distance, lockdown, etc .. By doing this, the opening of the web store followed in late autumn, just before the winter holidays, so it was logical that the client together with our help would make every effort to take advantage of the circumstances and grab every possible customer.

We did this through a series of specific functionalities that we built into the web, but also a few additional strategies that followed the opening of the website to the public.

CMS extension

As with all of our web development projects, we did not use a commercial (purchased) WordPress theme on limacshop.hr, but we developed the theme from scratch. This is a prerequisite for a stable and fast website, which will later be easy (and affordable) to maintain.

Front page

All of the homepage content boxes can be managed from the interface itself, and for these purposes a custom framework was built in that is easy to use even if you have no prior programming knowledge. Among other things, we created a custom content slider through which our clients can upload photos and icons and / or textual content, define links, and even define the colors of certain elements.

We have also provided our client with the possibility of independently defining and managing featured product groups, in such a way that they can decide for themselves which photos, titles, descriptions, and links will characterize these elements.

In addition to the aforementioned, the homepage is characterized by some other aspects important for online marketing – and that is the presentation of featured, special and best-selling products, featured product brands, news, and contact information.

Mega menu

Due to the very wide product range, we decided to create a so-called mega menu in which we presented a number of product categories and subcategories in a clear and easy way. In doing so, this segment is easily managed through native WordPress menus.

Mega menu

Predictive search

Among other specific functionalities, we can single out the real time search, which shows the results in real time – while typing a search term (so-called predictive search) and without the need for additional clicks and redirects to the search results page. In this way, it significantly saves time for the user and speeds up the purchase process.

Search results are displayed in such a way that user can see in real time suggseted results without having to type in the entire search term.

Email marketing

Today, after 10 years of experience in web development and after hundreds of projects have come out of our workshop, we know that the classic newsletter is useless. Yeah, that’s right, it sucks 🙁

But, email marketing is incredible important! This is why we always install several e-mail marketing tools on all of our web stores and plan a complete e-mail marketing strategy, which includes the following:

  • creating a user account on any of the high quality e-mail marketing services (eg Sendinblue or MailChimp),
  • creating a mailing list on the e-mail marketing service where contacts will be stored,
  • configuration of a classic newsletter form for subscribing to promotional content, with motivation for subscribers in the form of discount coupons,
  • configuration of an additional web form that is placed on the product page, which also aims to create a motivation to subscribe with the help of a discount coupon offered to potential subscribers,
  • linking the web store checkout form with the e-mail marketing service, with the goal of storing its contact information with consent,
  • automation of the so-called thank you emails that customers receive after signing up, which include a discount coupon.
E-mail forms on the website and an example of a thank you e-mail with a discount coupon as a kind of “reward” for the customer after subscribing to promotional content

You can learn more about email marketing strategies in web stores in our article here.


In addition to a standard bank transfer payment, payment at the store’s physical location, and cash upon delivery, there is a built-in payment option with PayPal (which is most often used by foreign customers, mostly from Slovenia), and card payment via CorvusPay payment processor.

In this regard, we have defined two payment settings:

  • payment by bank transfer and PayPal is possible regardless of the buyer’s geographical location,
  • payment by cash upon delivery and via CorvusPay is only possible if the buyer is from Croatia, together with the options of payment by bank transfer and PayPal.
  • This differentiation is not possible through native WooCommerce options, but we have programmed a function that allows it. This is a small feature that makes a big difference, because it is not suitable for our client to offer foreign customers cash upon delivery, nor payment via CorvusPay, which, at least for now, does not support foreign currencies.

Integration with GLS delivery service

In order to facilitate and speed up the procedure of preparation and delegation of packages to buyers, we have connected the limacshop.hr web store with GLS delivery service through their API, whereby labels for packages can now be generated through CMS – with a number of additional benefits for customers, including automated tracking codes for tracking packages via e-mail and textual (SMS) messages for the customers.

Facebook and Instagram store

These are actually catalogs of products that are generated through synchronization with the web store to the official Facebook and Instagram profiles of Limač Shop, and which are informative in nature – they show basic information about the products, including links where you can buy them:

Additional functionalities

From some additional functionalities that do not belong to the standard WooCommerce features, but are often present in web stores, we can single out the module for adding products to the wish list, product comparison module, currency converter, forms for sending product inquiries, Facebook chat, etc. .

After creating a web store…


The owners of Limač shop were aware that their website would “vegetate” and remain unknown, if it had no visitors. Therefore, we have proposed active advertising via Facebook and Instagram, and the topics of the ads are different – always individual from week to week, depending on the current offer.

Advertising Limač shop offers on Facebook and Instagram
Organizing and advertising giveaways on Facebook, thanks to which we have provided the client with hundreds of new comments, content sharing, views, but also a large number of new fans who remain active Facebook audiences in the long run
Ad statistics – above average CTR, relatively low cost-per-click, good reach, and a number of ad clicks


As much as they are aware of the need to promote their web store, our clients are also aware of the importance of its stability and continuous operation. For a start, we have offered the client accommodation on one of our existing shared hosting packages (you can see them here), leaving the possibility of an imminent need for dedicated hosting resources – because the attendance and product range of this web store grows every day.

In addition to the web shop’s physical accommodation on a web hosting server, we have also arranged with our client to work on its protection and maintenance, support and 24/7 supervision. We are practically at the client’s disposal 24/7 for any interventions concerning the technical aspects of the web store. You can read more about the importance of web shop protection and maintenance services in our article Accommodation, protection and maintenance of web stores – key aspects that are often forgotten.


Limacshop.hr is an online store created from scratch – according to the needs, wishes and role models that our clients expressed before the start of the project. This is a very functional solution that has proven itself immediately as an excellent addition to the physical store that our clients have had in Zabok for 30 years.

Without the need for persuasion, the client recognized the potential of some very important web shop tools, which quickly proved their usefulness and showed that it was well worth investing in them. On the other hand, the strategies of bringing traffic and maintaining the stable operation of an online store, whose potential was also recognized, came as icing on the cake and took equal credit for the sales results that this web store achieved in the short term.

We have no doubt that limacshop.hr will grow over time and develop into a recognizable brand around which customers will be happy to gather. We are looking forward to any further engagements that will allow us to be a part of that success, and we would like to take this opportunity to thank our clients Renata and Mati for their past and future trust.

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