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The client’s first and most important wish was to make the website reflect what Annah Center is, which primarily meant to transfer the physical ambiance to the digital world. Of … More

Finally I have the website I wanted!

The obART GRAF team did their work very professionally and within the set deadlines. First and foremost, they took the effort to get to know the type of business, mission and vision of the company. They respected all my ideas, visions, wishesabout how I see my page should look like, and also provided me with expert advice on the most suitable and best solutions for the design and functionality of the page. The result of this cooperation is a website that is now finally modern, interactive and fully in line with my vision of the website.

dr.sc. Ana Šafran, Director and owner of Annah Ltd. for Homeopathy and Health Support, annah.hr

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Annah d.o.o. is a company specialized in homeopathy and health support, and their primary aim is to spread knowledge and skills of homeopathy and related natural healing methods through consultations, seminars and workshops. Therefore, it was of utmost importance to the owners of the company, client Ani Šafran, to have a website that would present all their services and news in a quality way, and become a platform for their target group to gather. The previous website did not meet these needs, so the client Ana decided to engage us in order to bring their web presentation to a higher level. This was possible only by creating a completely new website, which saw the light of day in September 2019.

The client’s first and most important wish was to make the website reflect what Annah Center is, which primarily meant to transfer the physical ambiance to the digital world. Of course, not literally.

We needed to bring to life the colors, décor, and feel of the company’s rooms on the web presentation, while also incorporating several functional aspects – important for the website annah.hr to successfully fulfill its purpose.

This wasn’t all that hard, because we had clear goals and examples from the client, and we had plenty of content. Content is key – it dictates the concept of the website, and by extension, the design. If there’s no content, you lose sight of the presentation, but if you have it, inspiration comes without having to summon it.

In the following, we will describe several key marketing aspects, which were, in our opinion, essential for the success of the annah.hr website.

Clear presentation of the field of work

As with all other websites, it was extremely important for annah.hr to design the homepage so that the user, especially the one who comes to the website for the first time, can find out what the company does in just a few seconds. Fortunately, the Annah Center was aware of the importance of quality and concise texts, so they prepared a detailed document for each service. Our task was to create internal pages for each service and to design attractive and interactive modules on the homepage, which we linked to the internal pages and thus enabled users to get more information with just one click.

Group service on the frontend
Educational services

Through these content frames that deal directly with the main division of services, the message of Annah Center’s focus of work is also woven through other segments of the homepage – starting from the main navigation, through the slideshow, to the inner pages that are a reflection of Annah d.o.o.’s immense effort to bring homeopathy and related healing methods closer to its future clients.

Structured presentation of educational programs

One part of the target group of the Annah Center are people who are familiar with the potential of homeopathy, who would like to educate themselves on the topic and provide homeopathic services themselves. For this reason, it was extremely important to arrange the content about education, workshops and seminars in the right way. From the Annah Center we received a pre-made structure and ready-made texts, our job was to arrange everything on the website in a way that was clear (which is always challenging with a lot of content) and accessible.

We created two levels of sub-links in the main navigation for the main groups of educational programs, so that each user can quickly get to the information they are interested in. For the internal pages, we prepared a presentation that goes beyond the standard framework of the WordPress CMS, through the parent pages – which WordPress as such is familiar with, but does not provide their frontend structure or design.

Navigation Menus

We have created 2 levels of master pages, the first level presents an introductory text about the trainings at Anna Center and divides them into main groups of educational programs (on the link https://en.annah.hr/programi-edukacije/). By clicking on one of the groups (e.g. Education – Schuessler salts), the user arrives at a page with general information about programs related to this topic, and receives a list of the corresponding programs and workshops in the form of separate, clickable modules, which again lead to additional content.

Main Pages (their associated sub-pages)

An example of how to build company credibility on a website.

Annah Center takes great care in their presentation – which is very serious and professional. The rooms of their company exude order and structure, sense and purpose, and so should their website. Annah Center is staffed by experienced, educated people in the field they are working in, which is one of the most important sales arguments of this company. It was very important to present the company’s credibility through the team, in such a way that detailed information about each individual member was offered. We enabled that on the homepage through interactive modules that lead to PDF resumes of each individual team member, and we provided a similar implementation on the internal pages.

Annah Center team

Also, aware of the fact that they build their credibility with quality partners, it was extremely important to the client Ana Šafran to highlight a few names – which may not mean much to you personally, if you don’t practice homeopathy, but will definitely mean something to those who do. One of those names is the academy “The Other Song”, whose founder, Dr. Rajan Sankaran, is one of the leading global experts in homeopathy. Annah Center has a special relationship with him, they organize seminars and workshops together, and it was important to highlight this relationship on the website.

Partners of the Annah Center

An example of good marketing from school is the so-called social proof in the form of testimonies and recommendations from satisfied customers, which we decided to highlight on the cover page and give more space to on the inner page. The potential of testimonies is unlimited, so we believe that in the future Annah Center will cultivate and expand this section.

Testimonials from satisfied customers

Simple and transparent communication with the target group

As previously mentioned, it is extremely important for the company Annah d.o.o. to directly and concisely communicate with its target group – the amount of content on the website is proof of this. What is also important for them is effective communication that web tools will further simplify. In this sense, web forms have played a key role.

a) Here is first a classical newsletter form through which interested users can subscribe to email notifications about the news from Annah Center.

Newsletter form

b) The second form allows you to subscribe to a newsletter, consultation, or education, leave your details and write a message. Notification of completed form is sent to the website administrator, who can respond and delegate the request accordingly.

Question form

c) The biggest deviation from the standard web form was achieved with the price list, where it was important to present each individual Annah Center service with a short description and price, and enable easy ordering of that service. We achieved this by integrating a contact form with each presented module, which opens in a modal window by clicking a button, and in which the “Service” field automatically prints the name of the selected service – without the need for the user to enter that name himself, wasting time, or potentially making a mistake when transcribing / typing. After sending the order, the user receives a confirmation of his request by email, and a similar notification is sent to the website administrator. All this saves the user a lot of time, who in just a few steps can get to a specific service. We don’t even need to talk about the time saved by this implementation to the Annah Center team – delegating online requests is much easier than phone negotiations, which often don’t end in one call, and which is usually followed by email communication anyway.

Ordering service

Let us not forget two other aspects, so effective and yet simple, that it’s hard to believe how many websites don’t have them today – a Google Maps map, a link to instructions for getting to the Annah Center by car, and a few short tips if you are coming by public transport.

Upon analyzing the client’s wishes for her future website, she indicated that she found it convenient to include directions to get to the Anna Center. The least we could do was fulfill this request – it didn’t cost us nearly anything in terms of time, it helped the clients of the Anna Center to orient themselves more easily and it saved the Anna Center personnel from explaining how to get to them – at least in some cases.

Upgrading CMS with specific functionality

Most of what we wrote about the annah.hr website applies to the frontend. In order for the frontend content to be dynamic and always up-to-date, the prerequisite is that there are options available in the backend for that. This often means upgrading the standard CMS options and integrating specific content management functionality.

For example, we decided that each internal page on annah.hr has a unique photograph in its header which is easily editable (delete, upload new etc.), which is not a standard option of WordPress. This means that we had to upgrade its options.

Additionally, a special segment regarding pricing was created, wherein it is possible to edit (delete, add) additional services with descriptions and prices, whereby we ensured that all new services are always linked to the order form (without any additional programming interventions required).

These are just some of the aspects we want to demonstrate the importance of an individual approach to web design – in order to keep the website up to date, which will only be possible if content administration is accessible and simplified.


First of all, we would like to say that the website annah.hr is a school example of a good marketing and we would not take all the credit for it. This project is also an extremely quality example of teamwork between the client (in this case Annah d.o.o.) and the contractor (our company) who, with their united forces and common goal, have achieved an excellent result. The client, Ana Šafran, knew exactly what she wanted (and what she definitely did not want), she was able to articulate and elaborate her requirements, provide examples and eventually provided extremely detailed content without which the website annah.hr would not be even close to what it is now. Our job was to combine our experience, skills and knowledge of web marketing and shape all that was given to us into an attractive and coherent web story.

We hope we have succeeded, and we sincerely thank the client Ana Šafran for her trust.

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