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WordPress and Gutenberg – The ideal connection for maximum flexibility, speed, and stability. Anyone who follows our work and posts knows that we are great opponents of commercial WordPress/WooCommerce themes, … More

We developed the concept
We designed it according to the client’s needs
We programmed the specifics of the algorithm
We took care of the responsiveness of the page
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The company Studio Element d.o.o stands behind the 3D measurement. They provide a digital measurement of space and a 3D representation in the CAD program as the most important prerequisite for construction works, interior design and furniture production.

Our collaboration started a year and a half ago, when we patched up the client‘s website at the time to make it functional, and contracted various promotional and digital marketing services.

The current website was created through Visual Composer a framework that requires a lot of resources to make the websitebreathe“.

Given that better web page performance implied removing Visual Composer, which meant removing design and many functional elements, the client agreed that the only quality and longterm solution was to develop a new website.

  • The new website was supposed to have all the same content as the previous one, with some new sections.
  • The design had to correspond to the market niche.
  • Easy content input and the possibility of attractive and organized display of content on pages and articles were one of the most important prerequisites that we had to meet.

We describe the final result below.

This website is a testament to the fact that ready-made framework solutions / page builders are not necessary for a web page to be of good quality and look great. In fact, with this website we have demonstrated what we have been saying for years now, which is that the native WordPress framework Gutenberg is quite sufficient for everyone’s needs in terms of functionality, and at the same time allows for incomparably better performance of the website than commercial page builders.

WordPress and Gutenberg – The ideal connection for maximum flexibility, speed, and stability.

Anyone who follows our work and posts knows that we are great opponents of commercial WordPress/WooCommerce themes, excessive use of plugins, and page builders.

Unlike many similar agencies, a key service we base our business on is website and store maintenance and we are very aware of the consequences of using commercial themes, untested plugins, and complex page builders.

Therefore, all our websites are characterised by clean code, free of unnecessary elements, which is the basic prerequisite for stability, long-term maintenance, and financial affordability.

It was precisely with this motivation that the 3dmjerenje.com website was developed.

The leitmotif was to enable the client an attractive presentation and easy content management – and of course, to strive to make the financial side of the project acceptable to everyone.

For the construction of the cover and content, mainly custom-created Gutenberg blocks and patterns were used. Here’s how it looks:

Hero segment (Welcome scene)

The so-called hero segment title of the front page was realized through a custom Gutenberg block (front end).
Editing content in the backend through a custom created Gutenberg block, with the possibility of adding text, photos, links.

Presentation of the service in relation to the target audience

Gutenberg templates for clients mean a huge time savings – these are in fact predefined content (but also functional) frames which can be inserted into the course of a page with one click, and then only the content needs to be replaced without the need to edit the structure of the frame. This saves time, but also ensures consistency of display and design.

The advantages of the front-end have been created through classic Gutenberg blocks…
…while in the back-end a form is created which the client can “insert” with one click and edit without any need for restructuring, only the content.

Highlighted Projects

The “Featured Projects” section was implemented through a repeating field, where the client is not limited in the amount of projects displayed.

Highlighted projects (front end)
Highlighted projects in the background (back end)

With a repeating field, the client creates an additional input mask (in unlimited quantity) for themselves. The result is a very intuitive and flexible interface without any unnecessary elements that is very easy to edit and maintain.

Why 3D measurement?

The advantages of the company were realized through native Gutenberg blocks due to its simplicity and flexibility in editing. On the front end, this block looks like this:

Native Gutenberg block on homepage (front end)
Native Gutenberg block in the background (back end)
Gutenberg block editing tools (in this case photos) on the right side

We could go on and on about the block story, because we have created many more custom, but also grouped templates for the client. The point is that the client with Gutenberg in combination with the development of a custom WordPress theme has gained a great deal of flexibility in creating content that is displayed consistently, responsively and attractively throughout the web.

Additional internal pages which have gone through the wireframing and mockuping process

The common feature of all of our websites is maximum customer orientation, which means a unique design and concept, aimed at the target business audience we work with.

To really get a great result, the development process goes through several phases: wireframing, mocking up and creating a prototype (live web page).

A prototype is a “live” website with design and functional elements. The creation of the prototype in our case includes a CMS (WordPress), Gutenberg, and some additional tools that we use in the development.

A live result photo that we have previously displayed can be seen at the link Industry 4.0.

Another aspect that makes 3dmjerenje.com website specific

  1. Newsletter – We have integrated the website 3dmjerenje.com with the email marketing service Sendinblue via a web form. Otherwise, the newsletter is one of the most important promotion channels for the company Studio element d.o.o., through which they actively increase their number of customers.
  2. Multisite – For complex websites, especially web stores, we avoid using classical WordPress plugins to achieve multilingualism, and usually use multisite instead. This has proven to be an important prerequisite for the fast and stable operation of the website/store.

Do you like what we have done for Studio Element d.o.o.?

Do you have a website/store that you are not happy with, that runs slow, or that “works a little, doesn’t work a little”?

Or do you simply have a website/store that is no longer aligned with your needs and business direction?

Please contact us at [email protected] and write the following:

  • Briefly describe your needs.
  • If there is a website/store that is your inspiration in any way, please send us the link.
  • Napišite nam koji budžet želite uložiti u projekt? Zanemarite osjećaj “nisam siguran/a koliko što košta”, već jednostavno napište koliko okvirno najviše želite investirati. Prijedlozi s naše strane trebaju biti orijentirani prema vašem budžetu, sve drugo nema previše smisla – osim, ako je vaš budžet neograničen.

Based on these 3 answers, we are able to provide you with an accurate quote and development plan for your future website/store.

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