Below we present only some of the projects that have recently come out of our workshop. By clicking on the “Watch project gallery” button, you can see a gallery of other projects, which we have been working on in recent years.

Case study –

We've been actively cooperating with Mirna Sišul for the last few years. At first, we developed a "standard" website. But, when the need for automated sales began to appear, we replaced the website with an online store.

“Recommendations for people who understand the web as a basic tool for any form of work today!”

We started cooperating with CodeART more than a year ago on the project of creating a website conceived as a portal for permanent removal of limescale from water. We have recently started redesigning, i.e creating our basic page, since the old page did not meet the requirements provided by the new web technologies. In the meantime, we hired CodeART to create an online store for academic painter Mirna Sišul located at In addition to creating and designing an online project, CodeART configured, developed, implemented and completed all additional modules we wanted and suggested… Facebook integrations , Twitter, marketing campaigns, writing a sales letter, provided answers to the specifics that exist on all three projects. CodeART perfectly respects deadlines and set goals. They are easy and simple to agree with, they are easy to understand. Before starting a business, the offers they make and the accompanying text in the e-mail communication before the project start explain almost everything. Working on the project is the same way. The exchange of information and ideas is excellent. Not to mention the instructions they provide at the end of the job for easy updating of the website. And when the project is online they are available for all questions and possible help. I take this opportunity to recommend CodeART and Mr. Želimir Graf with his team to all serious people who want to move forward, and understand the web as a basic tool for any form of work .

Marin Sišul, online sales manager at Mirna Sišul Store

Case study –

MIRTA is a small family company whose main mission is to help those who want to improve their health by producing natural cosmetic products from medicinal herbs from the island of Lošinj.

“I am very pleased with the final result and I am very proud of my beautiful, modern page.”

Before working with CodeART, I had my own website, which I had not been satisfied with for a long time. I was aware of the need for its redesign and a general refreshment and modernization. I decided to hire CodeART because I received excellent recommendations, and then their website left a great impression on me because it exudes seriousness and the attitude “we know what we are doing and we are good at it”. And I did not regret my decision! Throughout the process, they guided me very safely and unobtrusively through the process of preparing the materials, helping in all possible details, suggesting solutions. I am very pleased with the final result and I am very proud of my beautiful, modern page. Now I deal with it much more than before, I am happy to prepare posts and new content for it. And don’t be afraid, you don’t have to be an IT expert to have a quality website that is a window into the world for us entrepreneurs and a very important segment of our business – a great team from CodeART will guide you through all stages of the process very successfully, quickly and efficiently!

Mirta Lozančić, Mirta LLC,

Case study –

Limač shop is a perfectly cute store from Zabok, which has been operating successfully for 30 years. Their range is mostly dedicated to the youngest audience, but they also have a wide range of adult clothing.

“We especially need to highlight the price as a great value for money.”


After an intensive search for web developers, they attracted us with their simplicity, high degree of professionalism and the amount of knowledge with which they presented the possibilities and goals that our project will provide us and thus facilitate our final decision. We must especially emphasize the price as an excellent ratio of invested and gained.
I liked their simplicity, accessibility and expertise the most. We can especially highlight their willingness to help and advise at any time. Every problem we encountered was solved quickly and efficiently.

Our experiences with the CodeART team are only positive. All deadlines were met, and they met all of our expectations. We would definitely recommend them to anyone who opts for a web store, and for any segment of their business. This project enabled us to make our products available outside our county, and to promote our store.

Renata Filipčić Fio and Mate Fio, owners of the web store

Case study –

SKY OFFICE is one of the most recognizable business complexes in the city of Zagreb, behind which stands the company OFFICIUM PARTNER d.o.o. - a client who has decided to entrust us with the planning and implementation of their website.

“Flexibility, suggestiveness, support, accuracy…”

All this and much more is what describes the the team, so we commend them because they managed to turn our vision into a modern and functional website, which completes the offer of the Sky Office business facility.

Daniel Kragulj, OFFICIUM PARTNER d.o.o.,

Case study –

The project “Volim Zdravlje” is the first project from the association HUHIV funded by the European Social Fund – “Health promotion and disease prevention – Phase I”.

“We plan to continuously maintain and develop, upgrade and further promote e-learning to all target groups in the future.”

Based on past collaborations in the implementation of the HUHIV portal, a website that has been growing exponentially in terms of function and content for years, we have selected the same contractor for the implementation of the educational platform – (read about the success of previous collaboration in the recommendation Association HUHIV).

After conducting professional trainings in secondary medical schools, in addition to improving the knowledge of young people, the main goal was to collect their feedback, interests, misconceptions and topics in which they need additional support in knowledge. In this way, we involved young people in shaping educational content and topics with the task of creating a sustainable educational platform in cooperation with numerous medical and health professionals.

In cooperation with the contractors of the implementation of the e-learning platform company, numerous functionalities and adaptations and in cooperation with the agencies BBDO and Dialog komunikacije who helped us create a visual identity and all the necessary elements, as well as cooperation with HZJZ as a project partner, the website was implemented by numerous health experts who worked with us on e-leraning courses, professional and educational content. A unique, sustainable and focused e-learning system has been created, which includes specific health topics intended for existing and future health professionals.

The promotion of the Volim Zdravlje educational platform in cooperation with the project partner is planned for September 2020 as part of a targeted campaign that includes medical high schools throughout Croatia and future health professionals.

Arian Disković, HUHIV Association, project leader Volim Zdravlje

Our other projects

Some other clients (projects before 2015.)

Solventa Simple LLC2015
Interijeri Galić Simple LLC2015
Express Logistics LLC2015.
Fit4ever Simple LLC2015.
Norman grupa LLC2015. / 2016.
Lens LLC2015. / 2016.
Veterinary ambulance Vrbovec2016.
Veterinary station Daruvar2016.
Maria Fashion House2016.
Heinz Preising GmbH, Austria2015.
Jakara AMG LLC2014.
Matis Pet LLC
Studium Facultas2014.
Agricultural cooperative Selčanka2014.
MIN Nekretnine LLC2014./2015.
Energa LLC2015.
Gastarbajter LLC2014.
Zdravko LLC2015
Vent-Mont LLC2015
Camp Lupis2015
Veterinary Hospital Poreč2014
Cambodia Restaurant Association, Cambodia2015
Svijet kvadrata LLC2015
Grič Ljetnikovac LLC2013.
Fundator LLC2013.
Fermark LLC2013.
Modulor modeli LLC2013.
Džungla svijet zabave LLC2014
Sig sistemi LLC2014. i 2016.
Apartments Split2014.
Entasis LLC2014.
North Adria Group LLC2014.
Gym Crossbox, Austria2014.
AGEA – Agenzia per le Erogazioni in Agricoltura, Italy2014.
Kemolab LLC2014.
Auto Histria LLC2014.
Top Stil LMS LLC2014.
Beauty salon Centar Skin2014.
Rest Art LLC2014.
Apartmenst Punat2014.
Topana LLC2014.
Gim Med LLC2013.
Taj Tim LLC2013.
Zdravi Bili LLC2013.
The Herendeen Group, Cambodgia2013.
Oprema Vrbovec LLC
Gizmo Promidžba LLC2013.
MIN Aquilla LLC2013.
Apartments Ravlić2013.
Studio Novigrad LLC2014.
Promet LLC2013.
Iving Brod LLC2013.
Musica Slavin LLC2013.
Dental practice Hrvoje Dujmović2013.
Grafomedia Plus LLC2013.
Moj Ured LLC2013.
OG Grafika LLC2013.
Supercolor LLC2013.
Supercolor LLC2013.
Pulena Yacht Charter LLC2013.
HMS International2012.
Interritus LLC2012.
Animal Welfare Association “NIRINA”2013.
Artist Mirna Sišul2012.
Namještaj Perković LLC2012.
Mark 2 LLC2012.
Finmar Trade LLC2013.
Beauty salon Antonella
Atego LLC2013.
Petrokamen LLC2013.
Grafika Plus LLC2013.
Geogis LLC2013.
Ad Vitam LLC2013.
Elit LLC2013.
PGM LLC2013.
TV Nova LLC2013.
Sladović LLC2013.
KTS LLC2013.
Brkcomp LLC2013.
Merlinka LLC2012.
Golmar LLC2012.
24plus1 LLC2013.
Club Avenue, Austria2012.
Apartments Viktorija2012.
Moderni i klasični interijeri LLC2012.
TIBI – IT services2012.
Galicki LLC2012.
Apartments Grgin2012.
Urban Media LLC2012.
Erak Realestate2012.
Tehnoalarm LLC2012.
M.E.D. Marketing LLC2012.
Maritime and Historical Museum of the Croatian Littoral Rijeka2012.
M.E.D. Marketing LLC2012.
Voda Zrak LLC2012.
Touris guide Biljana Mraković, Austria2011.
Voda zrak LLC2012.
Vividus LLC2012.
Craft NACL2012.
Association HUHIV2012.
Hotel Mirni kutak2012.
Association Daj Šapu2012.
B.L. Counsulting LLC2012.
Apartments Ruža2012.
Zdravko LLC2012.
Transport, prikolice i oprema LLC2012.
Apartments Melanija2012.
Ispravljač LLC2011.
ETG zračenja LLC2012.
Elgri LLC2012.
Solventa Simple LLC2013.
Medicalconsultants GmbH2013.
Deprecator Simple LLC2013.
Pipa LLC2013.
Diacor LLC2013.
Promigo LLC2013
Uno Media, Bosnia & Herzegovina2013.
Crafts "Sandy"2010.
Lion - M LLC2010.
Calamus Verlag GmbH, Austria2010.
Beauty salon Chiara2011.
Crafts Graditeljstvo Gorički2011.
InterNova LLC2011.
Apartments Brela2011.
Vnuk-produkt LLC2011.
VIRO plus LLC2015.
Stela Vučić2011.

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