Formatting Numbers Into European Currency with JavaScript


function currencyFormat(num) {
  return (
      .toFixed(2) // always two decimal digits
      .replace('.', ',') // replace decimal point character with ,
      .replace(/(\d)(?=(\d{3})+(?!\d))/g, '$1.') + ' €'
  ) // use . as a separator

console.info(currencyFormat(1234567.89)) // output 1.234.567,89 €

This snippet of code is a JavaScript function that takes a number and formats it into a currency format that is commonly used in Europe. It takes the number and adds two decimal digits, replaces the decimal point character with a comma, and adds a euro symbol at the end. This snippet is useful for anyone who needs to format a number into a currency format, or who needs to represent a number in a way that is commonly used in Europe.

Situations where this snippet could be used include when creating a shopping cart total or displaying a price on a website such as WooCommerce store, when displaying financial information, such as a bank statement or a loan calculator. This snippet could also be used in accounting software to format currency amounts for invoices, payments, and other transactions. Lastly, it could be used in educational software to teach students about currency formatting and how it is used in Europe.

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