We specialize in developing custom solutions for WordPress and WooCommerce

Since 2011, we have been developing our own solutions for WordPress and WooCommerce – whether it’s developing website or e-commerce themes from scratch (without using any commercial templates), or creating specific tools that our clients have needed over time.

We are highly dedicated to our clients and develop our solutions according to their needs, with the aim of helping them improve their daily business operations. We strive to use as few commercial plugins as possible and develop as many of our own solutions as we can, partly because we place a strong emphasis on the stability and future performance of the websites and stores we develop.

Here, we want to present a fraction of our many years of experience, and if you are interested in more specific details about any of the solutions we mention, we are happy to assist you.”

AI auto-translation for WooCommerce (text to text)
AI synthesis of WordPress posts and WooCommerce products into audio in all languages (text to speech)
Lowest price of the last 30 days for WooCommerce
Dual pricing (HRK and EUR) for WooCommerce
Unit price for WooCommerce
Custom prices for WooCommerce
Sendinblue integration with the cash register for WooCommerce
Sendinblue Loyalty for WooCommerce
MSAN integration for WooCommerce
Lost.hr integration for WooCommerce
Custom shipping for WooCommerce
InTime shipping for WooCommerce
GLS shipping for WooCommerce
DPD shipping za WooCommerce
Minimax integration for WooCommerce
4D Wand integration for WooCommerce
Esculap integration for WooCommerce
UniPlus integration for WooCommerce
Vista ERP integration for WooCommerce
Luceed integration for WooCommerce
B2B for WooCommerce
Automatizirani upsell za WooCommerce
Automated emails and statuses for WooCommerce
Custom attachments for WooCommerce emails
Custom PDF invoices for WooCommerce
Integration nabava.net for WooCommerce
Integration njuskalo.hr for WooCommerce
Integration jeftinije.hr for WooCommerce
Automated commissions for WooCommerce
Custom notifications for WooCommerce
Cash on delivery payment rates for WooCommerce
SMS integration for WooCommerce
Viber integration for WooCommerce
WhatsApp integration for WooCommerce
Custom payment gateway depending on the country for WooCommerce
Custom order numbers for WooCommerce
Custom rating for WooCommerce
Custom fields at the checkout for WooCommerce
Custom fields for My Account in WooCommerce
Time-limited discounts for WooCommerce
Auto-publish via WP REST API for WordPress
Seminar grading for LearnPress
Custom emails for LearnPress
Figma Wireframing / Mockuping
Custom theme development for websites and web stores
Customization of native Gutenberg features
Designing promotional materials and copywriting
Graphic design/preparation

We develop custom themes, tailored to our clients

Each website or online store creation project starts in Figma app, where we develop the wireframing and mockuping process.

The next step is the creation of a website prototype or, as we like to call it, bringing the design to life with functionalities. In this phase, we use the Bootstrap framework, WordPress CMS, WooCommerce platform, and many other tools.

All this and much more is what describes the the Codeart.studio team, so we commend them because they managed to turn our vision into a modern and functional website, which completes the offer of the Sky Office business facility.

Daniel Kragulj, OFFICIUM PARTNER d.o.o., skyoffice.hr

Great cooperation, they do everything we need professionally, on time, and according to agreement, and we continue in the same tone. Excellent service, helpfulness, and explanations throughout the specific work phases. Also, their dedication to the client during work tasks is at an enviable level. In any case, Codeart.Studio is a company recommended to everyone.

Tina i Edo Aganović, Studio element d.o.o., 3Dmeasurement.com

I really like the site, the web version, and the mobile both. I can’t stress enough how much I thank you for your professionalism and cooperation, I was just lucky that you sent an offer to create a website at the right time, just when I was looking for someone we could do it with. I was very glad to cooperate with you, I will be happy to recommend you further.

Petra Bokan, Petason d.o.o, petason.hr

Web design & development

11 years of experience in the development of WordPress and WooCommerce websites and plugins has resulted in the fact that today we proudly offer top websites and stores, tailor-made and custom tailored to the most demanding needs. We focus on selling your services and products through design, web development, and the integration of various marketing tools and channels. Codeart.studio is a business concept that gives its clients everything they need for their website visitor to buy something, or to make any type of desired contact.

Internet tools

We develop and integrate tailor-made solutions, which really means we adapt to your needs. Each segment of your website or store will reflect your product range, and by analyzing your target market and your needs, we will ensure that each visit to your website or store brings in more money than on any other competing solution. We work with the latest, most modern and most stable web development technologies and tools of today.

Web marketing

Persuasive content that initiates the shopping process, together with additional tactics, combined with strategies and tools that we integrate into our customers’ websites, will make our ultimate goal (converting visitors into customers) very measurable. Measurement, testing, improvement and repetition are part of every quality marketing activity, and our digital promotion and advertising skills are no different.

Maintenance & security

Protection and maintenance includes all the necessary services to make your online store safe on the Internet – protected from hacker attacks, always updated, accessible and fast. Regular updating of CMS, themes and plugins, scanning and regular backups, SSL encryption, and login and firewall protection are just some of the measures we take to ensure that our customers’ web stores do their job smoothly.

Our work

Web development of limacshop.hr

Limač shop is a perfectly cute store from Zabok, which has been operating successfully for 30 years. Their range is mostly dedicated to the youngest audience, but they also have a wide range of adult clothing.

“We especially need to highlight the price as a great value for money.” Renata Filipčić Fio and Mate Fio, owners…
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Our work

Web development of skyoffice.hr

SKY OFFICE is one of the most recognizable business complexes in the city of Zagreb, operated by the company OFFICIUM PARTNER d.o.o. – a client who has decided to entrust us with the planning and implementation of their website.

“Flexibility, suggestiveness, support, accuracy…” Daniel Kragulj, OFFICIUM PARTNER d.o.o., skyoffice.hr
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Our work

Web development of volimzdravlje.hr

The project “Volim Zdravlje” is the first project from the association HUHIV funded by the European Social Fund – “Health promotion and disease prevention – Phase I”.

Based on past collaborations in the implementation of the HUHIV portal, a website that has been growing exponentially in terms…
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